Sunday, April 19, 2015

.it was a fairy tales.

Fairy tales
Since I was a young child
I love those fairies stories
ya I was not a real
but it makes me feel good, better, and love
how sweet the story is
how cute the characters inside
and how colorful the world they have
it was cheer me up
until me myself growing up
I'm still sticking with those fairy tales stories
I like too relates all those things happen in my life with a dream of fairy tales
those who had an experience in my fairy tales stories knows that I guess..hihi
oh there were sound silly and funny
but ya that's me neither
until all my fairy tales only becomes as a fairy tales....

but oh ya
sometimes I was thinking like that
fairy tales will always be a fairy tales..forever
but it was a hope
ya a hope for the better life
and guess what..I think that maybe a fairy tales will becomes a reality
I'm really hope so
sound silly huh~
and who's care???!!
ok I love you.

this is my fairy tales time actually :)

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