Saturday, February 28, 2015

.deep voice.

when I am alone
I can hear my own voice
very deep heart
it said to me
why I need to give up
while my life still has a long way journey
yes I know that..
I may have a lot of chances
to continue my life..more better than before
I really hope for a good and more happier life
which are can make me smile for the whole my life
I love you..myself. :')

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

.a come back.


How quick time passes, and now I realized I am already an adult. No more a small toddler that will cry to ask something from parents, no more a small child that will ask a lot of rewards like candy and ice cream, and no more a teenager that will ask for a money to buy school's tools. No more..yes, no more. Now I know where I have been, what I should do. Future. Major aims of me right now.

When I was sitting alone my brain will spin like a tornado and always bring my mind backward. Yes it always happened. Sometimes, I think that I had wasting so many years of my life with something I can called it as silly matter. I keep going with something that me myself doesn't know where it will be end, and how the situation it will end either good or bad or worse. When I realized those silliness, I feel like to laughing myself. And so many questions come out from my mind why I did that? No answer for that.

and honestly, I miss the old me. So much. Where is her? InshaAllah, may Allah ease me to find her back.

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